Make your home Intelligent and Connected Home with Fibaro with a complete range of Z-Wave products for lighting, heating, power and security.

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Fibaro Z-wave Dimmer Bypass 2

KSh3,999.00 KSh2,999.00 Discount : 25%

Enables Fibaro Dimmer module to control lamps which have a power of less than 50W

  • Only use with the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module.
  • Supports low-power lamps such as LEDs
  • Installs inside the light fitting
  • Easy DIY installation

Fibaro Z-wave FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,999.00 Discount : 25%

Controller for all blinds, awnings, garage doors and gates – an evolution of the popular FGRM-222 sensor

  • Wireless control of any AC Motor
  • Precise positioning of blind or awning
  • Automatic calibration
  • Supports five different types of motor system
  • Monitor and analyse energy usage

Fibaro Z-wave Home Center Lite

KSh29,999.00 KSh19,999.00 Discount : 33%

Feature packed tiny, powerful Z-Wave home gateway to communicate.

  • Lite version of the advanced Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone
  • Simple, friendly user interface with easy configuration
  • Tiny size – 90 x 90 x 33mm

Fibaro Z-wave Swipe

KSh19,999.00 KSh14,999.00 Discount : 25%

Z-Wave Fibaro Swipe is a revolutionary battery powered gesture-control pad that provides control over home automation devices within the Z-Wave network

  • First Z-Wave device for gesture control in the connected home
  • Contactless gesture control, also with wet or dirty hands (e.g. in bathroom and kitchen)
  • Power supply optional via Micro-USB or battery
  • Works with Fibaro and VERA Controllers

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Door & Window Sensor Gen5

KSh6,999.00 KSh5,499.00 Discount : 21%

Extremely versatile 3-in-1 Z-Wave sensor combining movement, temperature and binary sensor functions

  • Detects window or door opening – increasing security
  • Monitor and control any room’s temperature
  • Add any external binary sensor to the Z-Wave network
  • Easily fitted to any door, window, gate or blind

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Keyfob

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,999.00 Discount : 25%

Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob is a Z-Wave Plus, battery-powered compact remote control that allows you to control other devices through the Z-Wave network

  • Compatible with any Z-wave Controller – Vera Plus & Fibaro HCL
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption
  • Battery powered and completely wireless
  • Equipped with 6 easily recognizable buttons
  • 30 different actions, single/double/triple click, hold for each button and sequences
  • Easy to operate menu
  • Confirmed Actions by the built-in LED diode

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Lights Dimmer 2

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,999.00 Discount : 25%

Universal Z-Wave Dimmer2 insert suitable for all types of light sources.

  • Enable Z-Wave control and dimming of your lights
  • Retrofit into existing light switches
  • Very small size enables modules to fit into standard switch boxes (45mm recommended)
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Motion Sensor Gen5

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,999.00 Discount : 25%

Extremely versatile 4-in-1 Z-Wave sensor combining motion, temperature, light level and vibration functions.

  • PIR (motion), light level and temperature sensors and detects vibrations
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption
  • Tamper and low-battery alarm notification

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Panic Button

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,499.00 Discount : 31%

Z-Wave Fibaro Button allows you to control devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
  • Completely wireless with battery power and Z-Wave communication
  • May be installed anywhere in your home
  • Extremely easy installation – simply add and put on desired surface
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Smoke Sensor Plus

KSh7,999.00 KSh6,499.00 Discount : 19%

The ultimate Z-Wave Smoke Sensor that combines beauty with new technology, to protect your home and family.

  • Detects Smoke and Heat
  • Easy Installation
  • Battery powered Only
  • Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus Wireless Only
  • Sensitivity calibration feature