Footfall Counting - Valuable Retail Analytics

We offer reliable and cost-efficient way to measure your store footfall with our 3D video-based People Counting solution. Footfall insights go above and beyond just counting the number of people walking through the door.The data collected helps you to make informed and reliable decisions on staff optimization, trend analysis and occupancy levels. These factors will drive up conversion rates and improve store performance.

We have partnered with FootfallCam to provide people-counter technology that can:

  • Boost your sales by improving the buyer-to-visitor ratio
  • Increase your revenues per visitor
  • Collect data on customer movement, analyse trends and evaluate your advertising and sales campaigns
  • Optimise your product placement using effective customer movement analysis
  • Optimise your opening times and plan your workforce according to the number of visitors
People Counter for Retail Shops:

In this competitive retail industry, business managers might not know how to increase their profit margins, or at least they do not have sufficient data to justify their plans. The key to increase profit margins is to optimise all of your resources and generate as much opportunities as you can. With just an increase of a percent or two of sales conversion from visitors to customers, it can lead to increment of thousands of sales volume. Our solution can help in providing meaningful analytics that helped your retail shop to boost their sales conversion rate and increase traffic flow.

Traffic Flow and Zone Profiling for Shopping Malls:

Footfall is essential metric for shopping mall management. To meet the challenges of managing large influx of shoppers, shopping mall management requires to provide adequate staffing and facilities. Our system can help you to predict and plan the security staff required, and justify the rental rates for its tenants.

How Footfall Counter Works

The analytics manager allows users to drill up and down the footfall counting by time of day – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – for users to identify the footfall trend, turn in rate, outside traffic, visit duration, returning customer, at all store levels.

By combining with Point-of-sales data and based on historical trends, the software generates predictive analysis, so that operation manager could take action in the staff allocation and achieve the targeted sale revenue.