Modules fit into existing light switches & plugs to connect with your smart home/office

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Fibaro Z-wave Dimmer Bypass 2

KSh3,999.00 KSh2,999.00 Discount : 25%

Enables Fibaro Dimmer module to control lamps which have a power of less than 50W

  • Only use with the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module.
  • Supports low-power lamps such as LEDs
  • Installs inside the light fitting
  • Easy DIY installation

Fibaro Z-wave Wireless Lights Dimmer 2

KSh7,999.00 KSh5,999.00 Discount : 25%

Universal Z-Wave Dimmer2 insert suitable for all types of light sources.

  • Enable Z-Wave control and dimming of your lights
  • Retrofit into existing light switches
  • Very small size enables modules to fit into standard switch boxes (45mm recommended)
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified