We offer superior and most comprehensive Smart Technology available today for homes, buildings and businesses. We strive to go above and beyond in helping organizations and people to seamlessly have unhindered access to efficient and affordable technology that positively impacts their lifestyles and businesses.

We are an established IOT company offering smart products and solutions for smart homes, building automation, security devices and people counting technology. Our solutions are smart & intelligent to help you better manage your digital lifestyle and business growth for convenience and informed decision making.

With our robust partnerships with the globally acceptable brands in the industry; we are strategically positioned to work closely with our clients to fully understand your business and individual automation needs.


To provide innovative, comprehensive and flexible technology and smart solutions while utilizing our technical excellence to create a happy client base.

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We are living in a world where devices can be connected to communicate to each other and controlled by users remotely via voice command or the simple push of a button. With the rapid growth of the internet of things (IoT), home automation has become a reality for many. IOT devices are making our lifestyles more comfortable and help reducing energy costs while keeping us and our loved ones safe.

Businesses are now now embracing IOT technology to optimize their output, streamline their supply chain, better asset tracking and management and energy manamgement. The data gathered through IOT devices ultimately lead to improved financial decision making or a better customer experience.

At TechAccess Solution we are committed to continuously use smart devices and IOT technology to improve the bottom line for businesses and individuals in every vertical.