Smart Automated Lighting.

Get a brighter everyday with smart lights. Our wireless lighting is ready to use, right out the box, no rewiring needed. You can turn it on/off and dim to create the perfect ambience.Schedule your lights to change to your favorite color. Control from the Smart app or use voice commands with Alexa or Google Home.

Our smart lighting solution lets you control all of your light bulbs from an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Through the app, you can create groups of bulbs that make up a room and then control all of your rooms remotely. This opens you up to a whole new level of customisation and what you can do with merely a light.

You can customise brightness, set scenes, routines and timers – and if you have a colour ambiance bulb, you can choose from 16 million colours, or even get the lights to cycle through colours you specify, as well as many other options.

How to Automate

Smart Switches

When it comes to smart lighting, one of the most seamless and natural ways to upgrade your home is with smart switches. You still to control your lights from the wall switch like you always have, but you’ll get some added benefits, including mobile App control or scheduled lighting.

The best thing is, they work with your existing light fixtures and no need for home rewiring. Installation can be done for single, double or triple switches. If you prefer dimmable lights, we install dimming switches.

Our smart switches are based on the z-wave and zigbee wireless technologies which provides efficient and reliable automation even for large home.  Further supporting integrated compatibility with voice control devices so you can control the lights more conveniently with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Smart Bulbs


Smart light bulbs are the perfect step for starting small when creating a smart home. They’re designed to save energy while conveniently turning lights using a mobile App. You have option of color bulbs or white bulbs. White bulbs, really only turn on and off like your standard light bulb but with dimming functionality, while color bulbs can change colors for mood lighting.

You can control bulb lights individually or together as a group with the Mobile app. Turn an entire room’s lights on/off, adjust brightness and change color temperature with the tap of a button in the app or a voice command to Alexa or the Google Assistant.

The smart bulbs are based on the z-wave and zigbee wireless technologies which provides efficient and reliable automation even for large home.

Why Smart Lighting

Control From Anywhere

Smart lighting is convenient. You can control lights from anywhere using your smartphone. You can combine automation of lighting with other smart devices. This way, you can make the lights automatically turn off when the TV is on, you can connect them to a movement sensor, so the lights turn on when you step into the basement. You can always adjust schedules, so the lights turn on when it gets dark and turn off when it’s time for bed.

Dimmable Lights

One of our favourite smart lighting features is definitely the ability to change the brightness of the lighting. You may want to have just a bit of light when you’re watching TV or having a romantic dinner and more light when you read a book. You can easily adjust the brightness with a simple swipe on your smartphone.

If you want to be able to dim your lights with a smart switch, make sure the switch supports dimming.

Color Lighting

If changing brightness of the lights isn’t enough for you, you can take the next step and change its colour.  You can change colour of smart bulbs and LED strips. This is perfect for mood lighting.

With smart bulbs you can create automated “scenes”. Maybe in the morning you prefer a yellowish tint, in the evening an orange one and in the night a red one. Higher quality smart bulbs have over 16 million colours.

Smart Lighting = Safety

Smart lighting is a really smart way to make it look like you are home – even when you’re not. To make it look realistic, your smart lights can run on a specific set schedule to hide the fact that you actually have things automated.

You can set them on an auto timer with sunrise and sunset. Even if you go for 14 days on a trip to Mombasa, you can set the lights to be on in the evenings.

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