Social WiFi for Analytics and Marketing

Delight your customers and deliver return on investment to your business with our leading Social WiFi analytics and engagement. With your existing WiFi network, you can enable your customers to login just once across all your venues and drive your social engagement through the roof. Our cloud software provides an overlay over existing hardware and can be up and running within hours.

Once a user has logged in through a social media profile such as Facebook, you’ll unleash all the demographic information on their public profile such as gender, age and current city. You’ll also have visibility on the first and the last time they visited the venue.

Guests are able to access fast, secure internet through social WiFi logins

Immediately boost your social profile and presence to a wider network

Easily promote offers and events to existing and potential customers

Drive key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares

WiFi Analytics

With our cloud software enabled over your existing WiFi network you can access a wealth of rich analytics including real­-time footfall, demographics such as age, gender and location, dwell times, return visits and frequency; enabling businesses to truly understand their venues.

Understand how demographics move in your space

Measure the dwell time of visitors in your venue

Access real-time data at a venue, company or group level

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns

WiFi Marketing - Email & SMS


With our WiFi marketing tools you can send emails, SMS and coupons in real-time to visitors in your venue. Create highly targeted messages and engage with your consumers based on behavior and demographics resulting in better return on investment. Improve you marketing communication with our automated, targeted and contextual mailings and SMS. You can send emails to your customers with distinctions based on age, gender, frequency of visits and more. Make sure your customers don’t miss out on any of your offers and maintain royal customers with special offers.

Easily create branded splash pages with our drag and drop editor or HTML tool

Segment and redirect users as they login to your WiFi by their demographics

Send targeted emails and SMS based on demographic data and behavior

Easily promote offers and events to existing and potential customers