Smart Building - Transforming Today's Workplace.

We deliver the leading technology platform for smart buildings than can optimize your building performance to support more efficient operations, including HVAC, lighting and security. A smart building can have substantial benefits, including: lower energy costs, saving time, and simply promoting a greater sense of comfort and ease to personnel. Our smart sensors and scalable network to real-time data collection defines a true smart building.

Intelligent lights create smart buildings.

We have partnered with Enlighted Inc to deliver the next-generation energy control and unlock actionable, enterprise-wide business intelligence for virtually any lighting environment. Our software-defined smart sensor monitors real time occupancy, light levels, temperatures and energy usage, among other things.

  • Wireless Mesh Network — Leverages lighting infrastructure for optimal performance.
  • Occupancy Sensing — Ensures the right amount of light, when and where needed.
  • Power Metering – Measures and reports on energy use.
  • Daylight Harvesting — Adjusts light levels automatically based on ambient light.
  • Full-Range Dimming & Controls — Improves visual comfort and enables advanced configurations to drive additional savings.
  • Desktop & Mobile Applications — Enables on-demand control from anywhere.