Automate Your Curtains & Roller Blinds Control

Our Smart Motorized curtains provide convenience and elegance with a touch of mobile phone or remote control while you can relax and enjoy the view. Mobile Apps Control – Just simple one clicks on your smartphone, you can fully control over the curtain anytime, anywhere. With TechAccess home automation, your curtains can be operated individually or as a group, with a smartphone. Our motors are covered under a 5 Years Guarantee giving your a peace of mind.

With motorised blinds and curtain tracks, enjoy comfort and privacy with the push of a button. Fabrics look better for longer thanks to less handling and smoother operation, and timed/sensor activated blinds make your home appear occupied while away.


Control at Your Fingertips

Remote Control

Remotes make operating your curtains & blinds quick and easy. Use the ‘stop’ function to set your ideal curtain position and easily control single or multiple blinds as a group or individually.

Timing Function

The curtain motor is WiFi emabled and supports schedule control. You can set schedule in the mobile APP to close & open your electric curtain. For example: 7:00 open the curtain, let the sunlight slowly wake you up in the morning. 18:00 close the curtain automatically.

App Control

Control your curtain & blinds using your smart phone or tablet App. Integrate with your other devices such as lights to create your perfect smart home environment.

Manual Control

When powered, gently pull to run it automatically. When the curtains encounters obstacles, it will automatically stop running. Can also be operated manually too in case power shut off.

Supports one way, 2 way opening and closing. We offer ceiling mounting and on-wall mount to meet your requirements. Optional double tracks to motorize both curtain and sheer.

If you’re thinking about installing motorized curtains, you may be wondering the best methods for measuring your windows and power supply placements. Here is a simple guide or you can also call us & we will be happy to send a technician to offer support in your home/office. And before you know it, your electric curtains will be fitted, and they’ll be the envy of all who visit your home.

Why Use Motorized Curtains?


You don’t need to pull aside your curtains by hand. You can open and close them just by pushing a button or touching your tablet or phone screen. It is very convenient particularly for long curtains.

Programming capabilities

You can program them to open and close according to outside natural lighting as well as sunrise and sunset or in a specific time of the day. You can start your day very softly and don’t need alarm clock for waking up any more.

Increase home security

These days burglars are more smart than before so you need to smart your home, too.  With programming ability, the smart curtain will open and close in certain trims and it look as if someone is at home even when you are not.

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