Smart Home Automation- Everything Connected

Our smart home devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family. From small to large homes, new and old, we deliver smart technology the create complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.

We put the convenience, freedom, and peace of mind that a smart home provides, right in the palm of your hand. From any smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can view and manage your home. From the comfort of your couch, or from anywhere in the world:

  • Control your front door, monitor your home and property.
  • Automatically turn on your lights when a sensor is tripped.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your door is locked, and your home is safe and secure.

Our smart home solutions maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind by offering interactions that fit your lifestyle.

Experience Smart Home Automation

Visit our Experience Centre In Pride Tower, 1st Floor, Woodvale Groove, Westlands, Nairobi.

Superior & Reliable Wireless Technology

At the core of the smart home is the Smart Station controller which connects all of your devices and sensors wirelessly. You can stay informed of changing conditions, trigger actions, and remotely control various aspects of your home. The Smart Station logically links all of your devices to work seamlessly together.

Smart Touch Panels feature all-in-one smart control center. You can get multiple scene modes just with “one click” or control your smart devices easily in your home. With a powerful hardware platform to support multi-mode protocols and a customized operating system, the panels can transmit control wireless signals to smart home devices and receive status feedback, thus realizing control functions of smart devices such as turning off lights and opening curtains.

Smart Lighting

Turn on/off your lights in one room or the entire house with one tap, dim and change color based on your moods! Easily replace your existing ‘dumb’ wall switches and dimmers with smart ones that can be controlled and automated from anywhere. You can get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house.

Wireless lighting is guaranteed to complement the beauty of any home, new or old, large or small. We offer Philips Hue lighting, Z-wave bulbs or the option of installing Z-wave dimmers in your wall switches.

Smart Curtain

You can open and close your curtains directly from your Smartphone. You’re able to choose if you want to close a single or multiple curtains and even set how far curtains should be opened. You can also set timers to open and close curtains at a fixed time.

Getting out of bed will be easier than ever before. Create a schedule and let your curtains gently wake you up with rays of bright sunlight in the morning. You can further set up to automatically open and close your curtains when the sun sets.

Appliances Control


With our energy-saving devices, you can remotely monitor and control the energy from any electronics that’s plugged into them. Take power over your home’s power consumption and save big!

Our solutions enable enable you to easily monitor and control light, temperature, energy consumption, and electrical devices through an app. This leads to reduced energy consumption and energy savings, as much as up to 30 %, while still maintaining a high level of comfort.

Smart Automation


TechAccess Solution provides smart home solutions to offer our customers control over appliances and the home environment, bringing convenience to life, as well as security and energy-saving. All the appliances are controlled at the touch of a button.

We believe the AI and loT will become an ecosystem and we believe the importance to build an open AloT system. Wee provide our customers with end to end AloT solutions which include application software, cloud service, hardware and Al integration.